2020 Annual Amendments

The City of Puyallup considers amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Future Land Use Map once each year. Applications were due by April 1, and the City received three applications for consideration in the 2020 amendment cycle. The typical process for review includes holding work sessions with the Planning Commission over the summer months, a Planning Commission public hearing and recommendation in September, and consideration of that recommendation by City Council in the fall, with City Council action by the end of the year. There may be some adjustments to the process or structure of the meetings this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 

Planning Commission Meetings

The Planning Commission held multiple work sessions on the three amendment applications throughout the Summer, and a public hearing was held on October 14, 2020. The public hearing record will be held open until Monday, October 19, 2020; please direct written public comments to Michelle Ochs before 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 19 in order for the comments to be included in the public hearing record. The Planning Commission will deliberate on all three privately-initiated amendment applications at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 21, 2020. The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. To view the October 21st meeting, please use to the Zoom log in information provided at the top of the agenda, which will be published on the Agendas webpage. Staff reports and presentations for each of the applications are linked below. 

The table below indicates which dates the three Comprehensive Plan Amendment applications went (or are an anticipated in the future) to Planning Commission. Meeting materials and recordings can be accessed from the Planning Commission Archives on this webpage. PowerPoint Presentations by meeting date are also linked below the following table.

Planning Commission Meetings by Application

  Freeman Rd East Town Crossing Cascade Shaw Dev.
June 10 X X X
June 24 X    
July 22 X    
August 12   X X
August 26 X    
October 14
(Public Hearing)
October 21

Amendment Applications

Freeman Road

Permit Number: L-20-0001

Applicant: Vector Development Company

Location: 8218, 8305, 8315 49th St E; 8307 52nd St E;4801, 4815, 4823, 4827, 4917, 4923, 5117 Freeman Rd E;(Tax Parcel Numbers 042020 -1027, -1034, -1039, -1040, -1042, -1045, -1052, -1066, -1101, -5003, -5016)  

Proposal: *Application revised 8/5/2020 to include two additional properties: 4823 and 4917 Freeman Rd E (TPN 0420201034 & 0420201045). The proposal information below has been updated accordingly; revised application materials are also linked below.* 

Request to change the future land use map designation from Moderate Density Residential (MDR) to Light Industrial/Warehousing (LM/W) for eleven (11) properties, totaling approximately 14.59 acres. The properties are located within the City’s Urban Growth Area (UGA), but currently are not within incorporated City of Puyallup limits. The properties are within the proposed Freeman Road Annexation area in which the City received a Petition for Annexation and is currently processing. For more information of the requested map amendment, please see the links below. For information on the proposed annexation, please see the project webpage here.

Staff Contact: Kendall Wals, Associate Planner | 253-841-5462 | Email
More Information:
a. NOA Brochure
b. Application
c. SEPA Environmental Checklist

Revised Application Materials (8/5/2020):
a. Application
b. Project Narrative
c. SEPA Environmental Checklist
d. Map

East Town Crossing

Permit Number: L-20-0002

Applicant: APA Development, LLC

Location: Southeast corner of Shaw Road and East Pioneer; (Tax Parcel Numbers 0420264021, 0420351030, 0420351029, 0420351026)  

Proposal: Request to change the future land use designation of three parcels from Auto Oriented Commercial (AOC) to High Density Residential (HDR), and associated zoning from General Commercial (CG) to Multi-Family Residential (RM-20), concurrently removing the Shaw-East Pioneer Overlay (CG-SPO). The applicant also requests to remove the CG-SPO from one parcel (0420351026) while leaving the land use and zoning designation unchanged. Additionally, parcels outlined in green were redesignated as part of 2016 application; the applicant requests that the associated rezone be completed in association with this request.

Staff Contact: Katie Baker, AICP, Senior Planner | 253-435-3604 | Email
More Information:
a. NOA Brochure
b. Application
c. SEPA Environmental Checklist

Cascade Shaw Development

Permit Number: L-20-0003

Applicant: Cascade Shaw Development, LLC

Location: 808 Shaw Road (Tax Parcel Number 0420351003)

Proposal: This request is to change the future land use designation of one 9.11-acre parcel from Low Density Residential (LDR) to a split designation of High Density Residential (HDR) and Auto Oriented Commercial (AOC), and associated zoning from Low Density Single Family (RS-08) to Multi-Family Residential (RM-20) and General Commercial (CG).

Staff Contact: Katie Baker, AICP, Senior Planner | 253-435-3604 | Email
More Information:
a. NOA Brochure
b. Application
c. SEPA Environmental Checklist

  1. Katie Baker, AICP

    Planning Manager
    Phone: 253-435-3604

  2. Kendall Wals

    Long Range Planning - Associate Planner
    Phone: 253-841-5462